My course on Technical Writing just went live!

Yes, the most comprehensive Technical Writing course (a self-proclamation) on the planet is here! Everything and anything you wanted to know about Technical Writing and becoming a Technical Writer is here, in this course.

Started in 2014 I was able to complete it only now. I already went through one big major version change of the software where I had to redo the videos and with other assignments holding me back it was really a challenge to complete it. With God’s Grace, I am happy that the course is now complete. I am also offering it at a “Launch Price”.

You can preview the course at the link below and even sign up.

How to become an awesome Technical Writer with Help and Manual

Website and Blog to appear soon.  Pass the word around if you know someone who is interested in becoming a Technical Writer, fast. Now, here’s a tall claim. If this course cannot teach you Technical Writing, no other course will!


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