Google Play Store not working on your One Plus X after Android Marshmallow update?

Officially, as of 31’st December, 2016, Cynogen has been shut down (why does is sound like the line from Terminator, “Skynet has been shut down.”). Anyway for those of us who thought it was prudent getting the latest update in December, we were in for a surprise. Google Play just wouldn’t work anymore after the update.  And that means, for many of you, “the sky has fallen on your head”.  Well something just saved my day today.

Thanks to these guys at TCC (The Country Caller) I was able to get my Google Play Store up and running. Check their article that will save you a ton of headache. Here is their post.

Now for some reason if you were unable to access their post, do the following.

  1. On your One Plus X, access the Google+ app on your phone by going to Settings -> Apps and then locating your Google+ App.
  2. Tap the App and then tap on Disable. You may be prompted with the message asking if you would like to load the factory version instead. Tap Ok and proceed to disable the app.
  3. Reboot your One Plus X. Once it boots up, try accessing your Google Play Store and viola! it is up and running as before.


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